It is true that if a marriage fails, the rejected wife has the option of seeking annulment or divorce. Because the loss of a loved one is so painful, many women choose to take their case to court. And if the marriage has been annulled, they choose to find another man who can replace their husband. You may think that this is the best solution and the easiest way to heal their wounds. BITS: Oh, I understand. Why did you choose this title? MTO) „Ang Diary ng Legal Wife: Hope para sa mukhang hopeless na marriage.“ I chose this title because in today`s society, many people have forgotten the true concept of marriage. Some women choose to be lovers and simply don`t care about the feelings of the legal woman or her children. With so many movies and TV movies about lovers, why not about the legal Mrs. Naman and let her know the other side of the coin? BITS: What do you mean by „the true concept of marriage“? MTO:.

Based on God`s original plan that marriage should be permanent, man has not dissected what He has put together. In his eyes, man and woman must become one flesh. Tim Keller says, „Marriage, which used to talk about `us,` is now all about `me.` Buy prescription drugs legally online and drugs online in Canada But I believe there are women who still hope for reconciliation, whether out of love or for the sake of their children. They are ready to change, forgive and give their marriage a second chance. However, they are not able to defend what they really feel. Pride is an obstacle. The woman does not want to be labeled a martyr or the woman who has been exchanged for a younger woman. His heart says, „Forgive yourself as God has forgiven you,“ but his spirit tells him, „I can`t. I will not do that.

I don`t want to be hurt anymore. » Canadian Pharmacy World Coupons Canadian Pharmacy Discount Coupon Over-the-counter Medication Pharmacy Pharmacy Legal Online Pharmacy Coupon Code Canada Pharmacy In today`s modern society, I have personally had to make difficult and painful decisions. I have decided to challenge our application for annulment. It took a lot of prayer, fasting and courage to do this act of faith. Peter Tan-Chi, senior pastor of the Christ Commission Fellowship Church (CCF) and his wife Deonna say: „This decision and position may seem revolutionary, it may seem strange in relation to public opinion and practice. However, this view is based on the timeless truths and immutable principles found in the Creator`s manual on life and relationships, the Bible. Hello, I`m darling! I am a proud Ilongga who has lived in Saudi Arabia and Singapore and currently lives in Oman. I am a doctor, lifestyle blogger, wife, beginner mom, travel addict, foodie and bookworm. I hope to be able to water some sun and inspiration when you stop on my blog. Thank you for visiting! See you next time. 🙂 BITS: That`s a good point, Malu. It`s probably almost a universal standard order of priority, the first one you mentioned.

If the number one place in the heart is not occupied by God, if a woman does not cling primarily to God Himself, this could be the reason why the enemy can use a marital problem to make the woman fall into depression, even consider suicide, resort to revenge and other unproductive means, to deal with it. Perhaps it is a process of growth in the Lord. The sooner God is used as number one, the better off the woman will be. There is hope in the midst of a crumbling marriage. If you put your trust in God, you will no longer be just the „legal woman“ – you will also be the „God-fearing woman“ for your eternal husband – Jesus. Legal Online Pharmacy Promo Code Offshore Pharmacy Without Prescription Buy Prescription Drugs from Canada Cheap Viagra Canadian Online Pharmacy Cross-Border Pharmacy Canada Painkillers Without a Prescription Buy Prescription Drugs Online Legal BITS: Who Is This Book For In Addition to the Obvious Legal Woman? MTO: The book is for all women, young and old, single women who are considering getting married in the future, and here too husbands can have ideas.