adj. with the same problems and circumstances regarding persons represented by a plaintiff in a „class action“ brought in favor of the party who brought the lawsuit and all parties „in a similar situation.“ To be set up in the same way, the defendants, the fundamental facts and the legal issues must be the same, and separate prosecutions would be impractical or incriminating. „Located.“ dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 11 October 2022. For example, in Lizardo v. Denny`s Inc., the Second Circuit found that a restaurant did not discriminate against a group of Asian-American guests because they were not similar to the white group. The restaurant placed the white group of guests in front of the Asian-American group, although the Asian-American group arrived earlier. The court noted that the two were not in a similar position, as the white group was much smaller, an important factor in restaurant seats. In another example, in West v.

The City of Houston, the fifth county, defines when workers who complain of discrimination in the workplace under Title VII are in a similar situation to other workers who have not experienced such discrimination. It required proof that they held the same job or responsibilities, that they shared the same supervisor, or that their employment status was determined by the same person and that they had essentially a comparable history of violations. Search the dictionary for legal abbreviations and acronyms for legal acronyms and/or abbreviations that contain cutting-edge elements. Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle installed his detective Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street, Victorian London has been the setting for detective stories. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „located.“ The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of additional definitions and advanced search – ad-free! A similar situation refers to a class of persons that is similar in all relevant respects to another class for the purposes of a particular decision or question. The term is often used in cases of racial discrimination where the applicant may attempt to prove that he or she was treated differently from others who were in a similar situation, with the exception of the alleged basis of discrimination. Nglish: Translation by for Spanish speakers The Blue Jays are a classic and promising franchise – set in a major media market, starting with a playoff debut in 2020 and eager to make the leap from good to big. Can you find the past winners of the National Spelli.

The castle has gardens in a beautiful location on the side of the Elbe. These details position the scene in time, but also in place, eliminating conflicts between the two. They place the writer at home in a story in which she is usually voyeuristic. Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed. and The Law Dictionary. The absence of pay-TV distribution agreements appears to position companies` streamers as distinct and incremental to their linear operations. Term used to refer to the same or similar in all relevant ways and is generally used in cases of discrimination to illustrate unfair treatment between two workers for which there is no reasonable explanation for being treated differently, with the exception of bias on the part of the defendant employer. Stoke is located in County Stafford and has a large porcelain factory founded by Wedgwood. Search Located in the American Encyclopedia of Law, the Asian Encyclopedia of Law, the European Encyclopedia of Law, the UK Encyclopedia of Law or the Latin American and Spanish Encyclopedia of Law.

It was built of stone, obviously from an ancient period, and was located in a boring secluded street. You might be interested in the historical meaning of this term. Search for Is in Historical Law in the Encyclopedia of Law. Time meant positioning ourselves as part of a larger network of life. It is a long block and frame building located on the south side of the street, with a porch that extends over the entire façade. From the pools, we went down the hollow where they are and followed the course of the aqueduct.