Earlier this year, Honeywell, a black horse, surprised many people by invading the quantum computing scene with a version of his own technology. For years, advertisers have seen Amazon as a black horse to topple the Google-Facebook duopoly. I mean, the reality was that I had to go out and ride a horse, ride, shoot the gun – how difficult was that, wasn`t it? In this Parliament, the famous laws against horse racing and fraudulent gambling have been adopted. Like other Hyundai products, the Ioniq is a bit of a black horse. In addition, surprising or unlikely nominations for awards such as the Oscar (awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) are called black horses. The first known mention of the concept is found in Benjamin Disraeli`s novel The Young Duke (1831). Disraeli`s protagonist, the Duke of St. Lawrence James, participates in a horse race with a surprising goal: „A dark horse that had never been thought of and that the reckless Saint James had never observed in the list, rushed to the podium in an overwhelming triumph.“ [3] He looked to the side and saw a very pretty dark face that seemed vaguely familiar. The saying Dark Horse usually means an unexpected winner.

For example, a presidential candidate who comes from behind to surprise everyone by winning the election could be considered the black horse. A black horse is a previously lesser-known person or thing that stands out in a situation, especially a competition involving several rivals,[1] or a participant who has little chance of succeeding on paper but could still succeed. [2] A little-known and surprisingly successful participant, as in You Never Can Tell – a black horse could come and win a seat in the Senate. This metaphorical expression originally alluded to an unknown horse that won a race, and was therefore used in a novel by Benjamin Disraeli (The Young Duke, 1831). He soon began to be transferred to political candidates, among them the first James K. Polk. He won the Democratic presidential nomination in 1844 on the eighth ballot and won the election. These are dark times for network television, but experiences like Galavant are the beacon of hope. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for black horse These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „black horse“. The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter George Harrison earned the Beatles` nickname „black horse“ as his visibility as a songwriter and singer increased later in the Beatles` career, particularly at Abbey Road. Harrison named his solo label Dark Horse Records and released an album and a song called „Dark Horse“. Other U.S. presidential candidates include perhaps the two most famous Dark Horse presidential candidates in American history are Democrat William Jennings Bryan, a three-time member of congress from Nebraska who was nominated on the fifth ballot after impressing the Democratic National Convention in 1896 with his famous Speech on the Golden Cross (Bryan received the Democratic National Convention in 1896). Presidential nomination twice more and served as U.S. Secretary of State) and Republican businessman Wendell Willkie, who was nominated in the sixth round at the 1940 Republican National Convention, although he had never held a government position before and only joined the party in 1939. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is another classic example of a Dark Horse candidate whose popular campaign in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries came much closer than expected to topple lead Hillary Clinton for the party`s presidential nomination. You could talk about a black horse in politics or in sport (there is usually some kind of competition), and the black horse is the little-known competitor who wins unexpectedly.

The idiom comes from horse racing, unsurprisingly. A black horse was a horse that players didn`t know much about and therefore didn`t know how to bet on it. In the 1830s, the term spread to strangers before they suddenly gained prominence. An unexpected winner. In politics, a black horse is a candidate for a position who is considered unlikely to receive his party`s nomination, but who could be nominated if party leaders cannot agree on a better candidate. Outside the United States, the status of Dark Horse is also attributed: the term began as a horse racing language for a racehorse unknown to players and therefore difficult to place. Todd Solondz`s 2011 drama Dark Horse, whose protagonist is implicated by the character`s father as „Daddy`s Black Horse“ in the broadest sense. The term has been used in sport to describe teams and athletes who have unexpectedly exceeded their expectations in a competition. Examples include the Los Angeles Kings in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs (who won 1st place in the Stanley Cup Playoffs). ==External links== the first and only team to achieve such a feat) and Croatia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup (which finished 2nd despite a 20th place in the FIFA World Rankings).

[17] [18] In 2013, a Katy Perry song titled „Dark Horse“ was released on her fourth studio album Prism. It was the third single from the album and topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks. The concept has been used in political contexts in countries such as Iran[4], the Philippines[5], Russia[6], Egypt, Finland[7], Canada[8], the United Kingdom[9] and the United States. At the mention of the Merrill horse, Poindexter`s face took on a demonic expression. Politically, the concept came to the United States in the nineteenth century when it first appeared on James K. Polk, a relatively unknown Tennessee politician who won the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 1844 against a variety of well-known candidates. Polk won the nomination in the ninth round at his party`s national nomination convention and became the country`s eleventh president. The 24th chapter of Mark Helprin`s novel Winter`s Tale is titled „White Horse and Dark Horse“ and refers to the character of Praeger de Pinto as a runaway candidate for mayor of New York City. Switchfoot`s song „Dark Horses“ was inspired by an organization called StandUp for Kids, which helps the homeless and street children (the „Dark Horses“) across America. But you`re wrong if you think the Power West is made up of all the Merrill Horse.