Microsoft Outlook calendar pricing: Basic features are free with Office 365 accounts and additional discounts are available for students. Company prices vary by user. DigiCal Calendar is one of the best app options for Android users. It syncs with calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Office 365 and encodes the organization. DigiCal Calendar also includes a planning tool to streamline collaboration. However, dig in and you will find all kinds of features. For example, you can share entire calendars, which is great for coordinating with your team or just having a calendar shared with your partner. You can create as many calendars as you want or subscribe to any iCal-enabled calendar, and then choose which calendars you want to see and which you don`t. There are some great mobile apps out there, or you can use a third-party app for the desktop if you prefer (any other app on this list can sync with Google Calendar). Asana is more than a shared calendar app. It`s also easy to manage team projects and tasks. The timeline feature displays all project segments and how they fit together, and tracks changes while driving. Asana also has a mobile app and more than 100 integrations.

There is a free plan as well as paid plans that unlock additional features. You probably don`t work in a vacuum. This means you can share with others with your Calendar app to easily set appointments. In addition to working with your team and family, your calendar app should integrate with your favorite apps to make it easier to work between tools. Best of all? The app can be used for free. It also integrates with leading time tracking, project management, billing and billing solutions. is a note-taking software that helps the team collaborate with real-time notes, track goals and action points. The software integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar to improve meeting preparation, productivity, and accountability. This means you can access your meeting notes directly from Google Calendar Events to stay organized. If you use Fellow with your google calendar, you can start each day by quickly scanning your calendar and getting ready for all your meetings. Calendly helps businesses: With SavvyCal, you and your team can find the best time to schedule calls and meetings. Eliminate the hassle of finding a meeting time that doesn`t overlap with other meetings and activities by allowing you to sync your schedule with that of your recipients.

This planning tool will help you save time and have more efficient working days. There are several free calendar apps for Apple iPhone, each with different offerings to make planning and life easier. While most are free, there are upgrade options for additional premium features with most of the apps currently available. The best free calendar app for Apple iPhone is Fantastical 2. Another widely used calendar app is Microsoft`s Outlook calendar. This calendar app is the default setting on Microsoft devices, but businesses and universities also use the tool frequently. There are also Microsoft Outlook apps for your iPhone and Android to access your inbox, calendar, and files. If you`re using Office 365 products for school or work, this app could be a natural addition. Calendly is a calendar app whose goal is to make it easier to plan your professional and personal life. He does this by first having your availability filled, from which he creates simple rules so that he can do the work for you. From there, you can send guests your Calendly link or even embed it directly on your website. Calendly could be the perfect tool for hybrid employees (opens in a new tab) as you can create and schedule meetings via Zoom or in person.

Microsoft Outlook pricing: is free, just like mobile apps. The Microsoft 365 Personal plan, which includes most Microsoft Office apps for the desktop, starts at $7 per month. Don`t want to choose Outlook? Windows 10 comes with a calendar app with most of the above features. If you have a lot of clients, prospects, or team members, you know how stressful coordination schedules can be. This is especially true if everyone uses different messaging and calendar systems. Doodle simplifies this process. The best calendar application for businesses depends on the other systems used. For example, Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps if the company is already using Gmail. Similarly, Outlook is the best calendar for businesses that are already using Microsoft or Office 365. For companies that don`t have a set system, is another better calendar app for businesses.

Since Google owns the app, the calendar syncs with Google products such as Google Meet, Tasks, and Gmail. If you`re using Gmail or other Google products, this is a natural addition. Google Calendar also works beyond other Google products, making it a useful business calendar. ClickUp is a free and powerful productivity tool with intuitive calendar features designed to allow teams of all sizes to track, manage projects, and collaborate, all in one place. Whether your calendar is on your phone or monitor, ClickUp makes task management both easy and engaging. The best calendar app for iOs is Fantastical 2 because of its beautiful design, easy event scheduling, and clean navigation menu. Are you looking for a new app that can take your independent business to the next level? A good calendar app is probably your smartest decision. Finally, it helps you organize and maintain your upcoming appointments and events. That means finding calendar apps that every small business owner needs.

Evolution of Business Calendar for Android, Business Calendar 2 provides additional features for calendar management. Multiple views and calendars can be synchronized to display all events. It also has a quick widget to give you information about meetings at a glance. Another feature is the integration of geographical fences. This allows you to control your calendar notifications based on location. This way, you won`t receive business emails when you`re at home or on vacation. is a one-stop calendar app that helps you plan, increase productivity, and plan. It is especially useful if you are trying to avoid conflicts and be booked twice, as you can pre-select the available hours. also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously optimize the experience.

It connects to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar. The iCloud Calendar app is one of the simplest calendar options for Apple device users. It has traditional calendar features and works on devices like iPad and Apple Watch, Macs, iPhones, etc. You can view your schedule with multiple views and have a simple interface to navigate. At Calendly, they look forward to improving the way the world works. They are obsessed with providing our guests with an elegant and enjoyable experience. Calendy is an automated calendar that makes it easy to connect with others so you can do more.